Still on holiday for this week’s photo for Project 52.

This is one of those photos that scared the life out of me as I pressed the shutter.

I had been taking photos of my son in the pool when he said to me, “watch this”. As he headed up the slide I thought he was going to just slide down but, for some reason, he turned around as I took the photo and let go of the slide’s handle rails. Maybe I’m overprotective but my stomach turned when he let go. He’s quite sensible and not really a dare devil at all so it was a little out of character not to do something safely.

From the photo, it looks like he was ready to do a backward flip but it was a split-second shot that captured a moment (in my case, fear!). I did ask why he turned around and let go but he wasn’t sure why he did it. I then went onto explain the dangers of not holding on!

Camera equipment:-

Olympus EPL-5
14-42mm lens


Alison Edwards

I am a wedding photographer in Nottingham UK photographing weddings in a natural and documentary style. I cover Nottingham, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincoln and throughout the UK.