This week’s photo for Project 52, saw me carrying a chair from home onto our street and climbing onto our garden wall to capture the photo which I wanted. I’m not sure what our neighbours were thinking but it certainly amused my son seeing mummy climbing onto a table, grabbing onto the playhouse and pulling myself up onto the wall whilst holding my camera … and laughing whilst trying not to fall! In fact, anything which has me elevated seems to amuse him for some reason. I remember climbing a tree for a photo shoot a year or so ago and he was equally amused so maybe this is the position for photos in the future!

Minus the time taking to get into position (that’s me), I was no longer than 5 minutes taking the photos. The timing factor is something I’m really conscious off when doing the Project 52 photo especially as I have another 43 weeks to go to maintain my son’s interest so it’s important that it doesn’t become a chore and is a little bit fun. Also, it was pretty cold and he had no shoes on so speed was of the essence!

Again this photo was taken just after school and afterwards, much to my son’s delight, we baked some cookies. Baking isn’t my speciality but my son always loves it and I think we’re getting slightly better as it’s turned into a weekly thing of late so the regular practice must be working.

Please feel free to comment if you like my photos that I post and if you are interested in booking a lifestyle portrait session (outdoors or at home), please do get in touch. Spring is probably my favourite season so I can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive and for the flowers to start blooming – it’s wonderful for lifestyle photo sessions especially of children.

For those interested, my camera equipment and settings are as follows:-

Canon 5DIII
Canon lens 50 f/1.2L
Aperture f1/.6
Shutter speed 1/1250
ISO 500
Shot in Aperture Priority
Natural light


Alison Edwards

I am a wedding photographer in Nottingham UK photographing weddings in a natural and documentary style. I cover Nottingham, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincoln and throughout the UK.