This week’s photo for Project 52 took us back home. Hopefully, there will be some Spring photos on here very soon although with the crazy weather we’re having, who knows what could happen!

Purely for entertainment purposes, this week we had a little move around in our living room so that my son could jump off furniture (which he wouldn’t normally be climbing on and therefore appeals to him immediately) so that I could capture the photo which I wanted … which was him lying down on the floor in the “pose” below. The game was that he had to jump off the sideboard onto the sofa and then lay down on the floor for 2 photos before he could climb back on again ready for his next jump. He actually only allowed me 1 photo each time as he was far too excited about the jumps and, although I captured this shot in the first few I took, fair’s fair, our living room remained upside for a while so he could carry on jumping! This also gave me an opportunity to capture even more photos which I obviously love but this is the one which I chose.

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Alison Edwards

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