I had so many photos of my son to choose from for week 2’s Project 52 photo so I will be doing a full blog of them over the next week or so as there are so many that I love and would like to share with you.

The photo which I finally decided on was simply because I love his smile and this is how I see him, smiling and laughing all the time.

I actually went through the photos with my son to see which his favourite was and he also shortlisted this one. From his shortlist of photos, I then asked him why he choose the photos he did as I think this learns him to express his opinion in what attracted him to the photo. He, of course, won’t be looking at the photos from a technical point of view but children are straight talking and honest and his very simple answer to the one below was because “I look happy”.

The photo was taken at Clumber Park. I had been trying to coerce him into various locations and I was asking him to move away from the door when he pretended to knock on it and started laughing. I quickly grabbed my camera, took the shot and captured, what I feel, is a really natural photo of him having fun.

Looking outside of the window today, week’s 3 photo could have snow in it!

The photo was taken with my Fuji X-Pro1 which has amazing quality and tones to the images. I decided to keep this photo in colour as the clothes he was wearing, his hair and skin tones all blended in the colour of the door and I really liked the warmth of the colour version.

Camera equipment

Fuji X-Pro1
Lens 35mm 1.4
Shutter Speed 1/200
Aperture 2.8
ISO 500
Aperture Priority


Alison Edwards

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