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Wedding Photographer Nottingham, Derby and, Lincolnshire

Wedding information

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My approach to photographing your wedding day

I look for the love, the laughter, the smiles, the tears… the moment.

I want you to re-live your wedding day through your wedding photos and love the fact that there are moments captured that you didn’t see but make you smile.

I want people who look at your photos to feel as though they were at your wedding, or wished they were there.

I won’t ask you to pose (when this just isn’t you) or jump or say cheese, I will simply photograph you enjoying the best day of your life.

I love people watching and my style of wedding photography is predominantly reportage photography. I will document your wedding day as it unfolds naturally throughout the day with minimum posing or group photos thereby capturing the true spirit of the wedding day.

Group photos

One of the most common things I hear when couples come to see me is that they attended a friend’s wedding and didn’t like the fact that they were hanging around waiting for group photos. I appreciate some group photos are required and I ask that you provide me with a list of “essential” group photos that you want on the day, however, I do ask that you keep this to a maximum of 5-6 different group photos. If you factor in 5 minutes for each group photo this will give you some idea on the amount of time it can sometimes take to get people together.

By keeping the group photos to a minimum it means you and your guests can relax and enjoy your wedding celebrations which allows me to move around and take photos of your weddings guests in a reportage/documentary style.

Your bride and groom portraits

More often than not, people who come to me will say that photography is an important part of their wedding day but they don’t like posing themselves so would like their photos as natural as possible.

Before your wedding day, I will speak with you to find out how long you would like to spend on your bride and groom portraits as every couple is different in what they want. As a guideline, I allow 15-20 minutes although some couples will want less than this.

When we’re ready for your bride and groom portraits, I will take you away from your wedding party to create a collection of classic and beautiful portraits. My aim is to do these in a simplistic style (no strained poses!) and although I will give you guidance where to stand and where to place your hands etc, the result is that your bride and groom photos will look very relaxed. If you are comfortable posing and this is something that comes naturally to you, then please go for it!

Am I the right wedding photographer for you?

Choosing a wedding photographer is a difficult decision to make. Your wedding photographer will be with you pretty much most of the day so it’s important that you are comfortable with whoever you choose. Wedding photography is very personal and as a female photographer brides often feel a lot more relaxed with me especially during the bridal preparation part of the day. I am not a photographer who shouts at people. I like to blend in and I’m always complimented on my composure and my unobtrusive manner.

Below is just one of the lovely messages I have received from a bride and groom:-

“We are so so thrilled with the photos!! They are amazing, you have captured so many moments and peoples personalities perfectly. You are very talented, I have never looked at any photos of myself and liked them, but there are so many I LOVE!! You worked so hard and made everyone so relaxed. They really are beautiful. Can’t thank you enough.” (Catherine and Matthew – 2014)

You can also read more of my thank you messages on my Kind Words page.

The above is a guideline as to how I work and capture weddings. I’m not set in stone with rules and I like to be flexible so that your wedding day is everything you hoped for. I can’t control the weather but I will provide you beautiful memories of your day whether it’s sunshine or rain.

If you would like to discuss your wedding photography or check my availability, please contact me. I currently take bookings up to 18 months in advance.