Lifestyle sessions

Please visit my new website AliLulu Portraits. In November 2014, I rebranded my portrait and weddings and my portraits are now under AliLulu Portraits. I am currently in the process of updating this website to reflect the changes and, whilst you will find information and photos on this website, my up to date portfolio is at AliLulu Portraits. Alison Edwards Photography will continue to represent my wedding work.

As a mum myself, I love photographing children of all ages. Their unpredictability can often be challenging but I find it so rewarding and exciting capturing them growing up. Children change so quickly and, for me, there’s nothing nicer than looking back on old photographs and seeing how much they have changed. I’m personally at a stage now where I’m looking back through photographs which I have taken of my son over the last few years and thinking “wow, was he really that small and baby-faced”. When you spend every day with your children you kind of think they look the same but are just growing taller. It’s only when you look back on photos from a couple of years ago that you notice the difference in them is more than them growing taller … they’re growing up! The feeling I get from looking at photos is quite magical and why I love photographing children.

    Lifestyle Portrait Sessions

I specialise in outdoor portrait sessions for children but also photograph teenagers, grown-ups and families. Known as lifestyle portrait sessions, these take place either at a country park or another location of your choice which may be special to you and your family. Places I often go are Wollaton Park, Elvaston Castle, Rufford Park or Clumber Park. Portrait sessions outside of the Nottingham/Derby area may incur travelling time and costs.

Lifestyle sessions usually last 1-1.5 hours (again sometimes slightly longer depending on the age of the people I am photographing).

Lifestyle portrait sessions are an informal and a relaxed way of capturing children and families and I love to use the surrounding environment to create artistic portraits. I then creatively edit your photos to make them even more special.

Photographing outdoors using natural light gives everyone the freedom to move around without being restricted by the set-up of a studio which works really well when photographing children as they are not confined to one spot. People of all ages are instantly more relaxed in an outdoor environment which ultimately shows in the photos.

For teenagers and younger people, their portrait session can be photographed with a fashion element. Still shot outside, the photos will have a fashion editorial style to them which really appeals to teenagers.