Nottingham Portrait Photographer – Children’s Portraits – Project 52, Week 4

Following the aftermath of the snow, I decided to do week 4’s photo at home for a little snugness from the cold!

The photos were taken in my bedroom with one studio light set up as there was not sufficient natural light coming in. A variety of shots were taken sitting and laying on the bed before I suggested he get into bed and then throw the duvet around and do what he wanted. Much to his delight, the thought of turning my bedroom upside down brought a smile to his face and this is the shot I captured just before he started going wild.

Toying between two photos this evening to use as week 4’s Project 52 photo, I decided to use this one of my son looking quite chilled out before the madness that came afterwards!

Camera equipment and settings are:-

Canon 5DIII
Canon 50mm f/1.2L
Shutter speed 1/200
Aperture f/2
ISO 250
Bowens Gemini 400w studio light

children's-portraits-home-nottinghamP I N

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